Information Technology Components

The Information Technology Component work products of the Knowledge Worker Framework (12 cells) address the complete specification, implementation and deployment of business information systems and database. The total percent of errors that are addressed by  correct business information system implementation is less than 10%. Essentially that means that the IT department almost always implements what is specified in an "IT acceptable" manner. If however the first two rows are not correctly specified there is a very high probability (>40%) chance of failure.

Every database, business information system serves to fulfill one or more aspects of a collection of mission-organization-function combinations. If there are any conflicts between any of the mission-organization-function requirements and those performed by the business information systems and databases, the conflict must be resolved in order for these business information systems and databases to meet the requirements of the enterprise architectures.

If the enterprise architecture serves as the basis for determining the acceptability of the databases and business information systems, these databases and business information systems cannot be considered as meeting enterprise requirements.

Resolution of these discrepancies is therefore essential to a well engineered enterprise



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