Increase IT Quality While Reducing IT Risk

There are two IT Holy Grails. Productivity while reducing cost, and Increasing Quality while Reducing Risk. This message addresses the second.
The shortest route to increasing quality is to implement exactly what is needed, when it is needed, and not a bit more. Sure, that's easy to say. Can it be done?
Achieving that maximum in IT requires iterative requirements development through prototyping. Hypothesize requirements, generate a solution, perform critical review, and evolve specifications. Repeat until nothing more surfaces. That too sounds easy. Can it also be done? Yes, of course.
The two most critical components of the iterative process are first a metadata repository that holds all the created work products in a form that can be easily changed, and second, a business information system generator. The first is the Metabase System. The second is Clarion from SoftVelocity.
This overall process is described in Short Paper #6, These two components along with Whitemarsh methodology and workshops are the basis for ROIs #3, 4, 5, and 6. These are entirely described here.
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