Generate Data Model Tree

An Implemented Database Data Model "data" that is stored in a Schema, Tables, Columns, and Keys can be used to generate a data model tree diagram. This diagram shows a data model tree that is based on a selected root-Table and then displays ancestor and descendant Tables as tree branches. Each Table on a branch is colored coded to represent whether the Table is an ancestor, a descendant, subtyped, or recursive. The process to accomplish the generation of the SQL DDL includes:

  • Start the Implemented Database Model Metabase System Module
  • Select the DBMS
  • Enter User Name and Password
  • Select the Menu Item, Schema and Tables, then the subordinate item, Data Model Tree
  • Highlight the appropriate Schema
  • Select the Table around which the data model hierarchy is to be created.
  • Press the Display Implemented Database Model Diagram
  • When the tree is displayed, the various Tables can be selected which, in turn, displays
    • Table columns and definitions
    • Primary key, Columns and definitions
    • Foreign key, Columns and definitions

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