Data Semantics Management... Volume 1
Rationale, Requirements, Architecture

Volume 1 contains a a time-tested, highly-engineered approach to shared data is essential to your business This volume provides:

  • A Justification for the Shared Data Environments Essential to Business Success
  • A Critical Semantic Foundation for Reliable and Repeatable Shared Data.
  • Lessons Learned from Multi-Hundred Million Dollar Failures
  • A Detailed Framework for Shared Data Environments
  • A Strategy to Address Names, the Achilles Heel of Shared Data
  • A Step-by-Step Approach for Automatic Name and Definition Construction
  • An Approach to Deal with the Hidden Shared Data Killer – Value Domains.
  • A Focused Look at the Six Classes of Business Facts.
  • And Much, Much More!

Volume 1 Table of Contents & Chapter 1


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