Bring Manufacturing To IT Business Systems Versus One-Off Build Designs

When everybody is an IT artist, business information system manufacturing is impossible.

Set out in prior messages, manufacturing IT systems requires rigor, prototyping, and code generation. When applied in a reliable and repeatable manner, dramatic ROIs as described here can be achieved.

Resulting Business System manufacturing ROIs are just the initial payoff. Once production occurs, life cycle costs are often 4x more. Based on our strategies and processes, not only are maintenance costs reduced, but whole maintenance cycles are eliminated.

There is also an even greater payoff: data quality, integration, and interoperability. These result because business information systems are founded on manufactured, enterprise-wide, highly-engineered database designs.

While all this may crimp the style of IT artists, it enables the promises of IT to be realized.

Please invite us to show you just how we bring this to your organization.

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