Are you the prisoner of indispensable IT staffers?

Indispensable IT staffers are employees who produce low risk, high quality work on-time and within budget.
IT's intellectual property consists of requirements, specifications, computer programs, testing procedures, system and end-user documentation. If IT staffers are the sole possessors of this intellectual property, it's problematic. If they leave, it goes with them.
Consequently, enterprises require these work products be created as manual or computer-based diagrams, print-outs and word-processing documents. Even then, these work products are likely not top-to-bottom, end-to-end, cross-referenced, integrated, interoperable, and current. What, therefore, is the real state of IT's intellectual property?
The ROIs described in the past messages are predicated on IT work products with these six characteristics and are generated, stored, reported, analyzed, and updated.
To achieve IT work products in this state, they must spring from a Metabase System that is integrated within and operational across the IT life cycle.
IT's intellectual property is then inside a database rather than inside an "indispensable" staffer's head. That makes staff valuable, not indispensable, and you the possessor of IT's intellectual property.

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