Adjusting Business Functions


2 hours

  1. Acquire most recent business function model.
  2. Review the model to identify essentially duplicate functional process statements.
  3. Revise essentially duplicate process statements to create super-types and subtypes as appropriate.
  4. Determine if some process nodes are better represented within network structures to eliminate unwarranted redundancy.
  5. Review process node statements to ensure that all Who and Why are removed.
  6. Evaluate the quantity of work in the various processes in attempt to determine the most efficient and effective.
  7. Publish a comparison of the original process model and the revised process model to illustrate the streaming lining of work flow.
  8. Republish revised process model to enterprise stakeholders with suggested changes and justification for changes in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and cost.
  9. Receive review and make appropriate adjustments.

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