Accomplishing Automatic Naming

It goes without saying that names are a very important semantic component. Essentially, a name is a short-hand definition. Names for facts with the same semantics should be the same. Not only that, the generation of the names should be reliable and repeatable.

Automatic name generation is a key component of fact specification within the Metabase System. Here facts are Data Element Concepts, Data Elements, Attributes, Columns, and DBMS Columns.

What enables names to be automatically constructed are the name's contexts, that is, Concepts, Conceptual Value Domains, Business Domains, Subjects and Entities, Schema and Tables, and DBMS Schemas and DBMS Tables.

In the fact examples cited above (except DBMS columns) the assignment of fact semantics that result in prefix and suffix meta category assigned values are the main contributors to automatic name construction.

Once assigned, the Reset button within each of the fact's update screen causes the names to be automatically constructed in a reliably and repeatable manner.

Thereafter, ReEngineering Semantics is important as "perfection" is seldom achieved on the first try.

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