3.4 Maximum Use of Metabase System

Accomplished, the Metabase System environment provides, through its capture of all necessary work products, the specifications of all other environment components that provide complete context and necessary definition. These include for example:

  •   Data models (Data elements, Concepts, Database Logical and Physical)
  •   Mission-organization-function models
  •   Resource Life Cycle Analysis Models
  •   Database Object Models
  •   User acceptance Testing
  •   Data Integrity Rules
  •   Information Needs Analysis
  •   Use Cases

Collectively these Metabase System models not only store and not only provide context for the business information system, but it does so from within the overarching enterprise framework. This quickly and easily enables the discovery of conflicts and duplication. Such discoveries are possible because the Metabase System database is designed to eliminate redundancy and to maximize interrelateability and integration.

Together this brings together the six interrogatives of: who, what, when, where, why, and how not just into single columns but whole descriptions of Information Technology intellectual property.

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