3.3 Maximize Ability to Evolve and Maintain

Accomplished, this ensures that created business information system component are very close to 100% generated by the IDE and therefore not in need of any evolution and maintenance, or have been developed through embeds containing the procedure language code and/or the object oriented code in a form that is easily understandable and maintainable.

The two key components to this ability to evolve and maintain are the IDE et al and also the Metabase System. The IDE et al enables the complete exposition of the business information system, layer by layer in its specification form, its actual computer code form, and in its executing form. These three layers can be quickly and easily navigated, maintained, and reconstituted such that revised versions of business information systems can be released in a matter of days to weeks rather than months to years.

The Metabase System gives visibility across all enterprise projects, databases, business information systems and all supporting Metabase System models so that required changes in one database can be immediately shown to impact specific business information systems and then interrelated databases and business information systems.

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